We Develop For the Long Term


Our family owned business took roots in the Columbia River Gorge over a century ago. With humble beginnings growing trees and sawing lumber, our core values still include multi-generational sustainability, commitment to community, and stewardship of the land. The name Flume honors the 9-mile long Broughton lumber Flume. This structural marvel was the last working flume to be used in the United States.

We recognize and respect this land that has supported our family, business and community for more than 100 years - and today gives life to Flume Family Vineyard. 


At Flume Family Vineyard, a thriving community is integral to how we do business. We make decisions that promote the long-term health of our people, the environment, and our businesses. Above all, we promote a culture of balance and moderation, and are working within the industry to create more sustainable practices.


Our grapes are managed by lifetime Underwood Mountain farmer, Clark Ziegler. Our wines are crafted by the region's leading winemaker, Rich Cushman. Together, we are proud to present Flume wines produced in the Columbia Gorge and hope you enjoy them as much as we do.



The soil, climate, air, and farming techniques all work in unison to produce fine wines known for their distinctive taste. Elevation is critical to the quality of grapes; and ours thrive at 1,000 foot elevation in ideal loam soil on the southeastern slopes of Underwood Mountain.


We strive to make wines of elegance and balance, wines that reflect the unique flavors and textures that grow on our land. Simple winemaking allows the site and varietal to shine here. Cold-soaked for four days prior to fermentation, punched down by hand during fermentation, then pressed just before dryness. Aged only in neutral oak to keep the variety and site shining through. By creating exceptional small-batch and well-balanced wines, Flume varietals display the best of our region's grapes. 



Every member of our organization is committed to treading lightly on the earth so that our vineyards, our wines, and our people will be around for as long as our wines are in demand. Our primary motivation is that we do these things because they are the right way to live and engage in business.