celebrating generations of quality in the columbia gorge

We produce only the finest grapes and wine in honor of the founders and pioneers of the Columbia Gorge. Grown on Underwood Mountain, we strive to be the best stewards for our community.

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SOIL To Barrel

At Flume Family Vineyard we strive to make wines of elegance and balance, wines that reflect the unique flavors and textures that grow on our land. Simple winemaking allows the site and varietal to shine here.  Cold-soaked for four days prior to fermentation, punched down by hand during fermentation, then pressed just before dryness.  Aged only in neutral oak to keep the variety and site shining through.

Our grapes are managed by lifetime Underwood Mountain farmer, Clark Ziegler. While we've partnered with the region's leading winemaker, Rich Cushman to develop our wines.

A Note From our winemaker

The soil, air, climate, and farming techniques all work in unison to produce fine Hood River wines known for their distinctive taste. In fact, many of Mt. Hood Winery’s vintages have received awards from distinguished industry organizations. In 2016, Mt. Hood Winery reached the pinnacle of achievement as Oregon Winery of the Year, dubbed by Wine Press Northwest.

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